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The Beginning: Working with the Attorney

When you have a contract dispute, it is smart to hire an attorney to guide you through the dispute resolution. Hiring and working with an attorney may seem daunting, but there are certain things you can expect and prepare for throughout the process.


The most important aspect of hiring an attorney for a contract dispute is to research those in your area who specialize in dealing with your specific area of need. For construction contract disputes, you want to hire a lawyer with experience in construction law and civil cases.


Generally, your lawyer will be upfront and frank about your case, the process of handling a contract dispute, and what will be expected of you. Ask your lawyer how they prefer to communicate, whether that is phone calls, email, or face to face meeting. Be sure to ask questions and communicate any concerns you have with your case, and keep records of all communication. You need to work with your lawyer by being truthful and responsive in order for them to have the ability to create the best case and the best possible outcome for you.


Your attorney should lay out upfront the billing and payment plan, whether he or she charges hourly or flat-rate, and when you are expected to make your payments. Delays in payment can lead to work being stopped on your case, so you need to closely manage the financials of your case.


Attorneys are bound by a strict code of ethics. They should maintain attorney-client privilege, meaning that whatever you say to him or her is confidential. The attorney needs you to be honest at all times to allow him or her to best represent your case. They should also always act in your best interest and work within the confines of the law. If you believe that your attorney is acting unethically, there are specific agencies available to assist you.

Overall, working with an attorney will be a smooth process as long as you keep the above issues in mind throughout the working relationship.

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